Our mission is to collect the best tastes from around the world and to share them.



1.   Quality

We pursue quality in all ways:

      We select the best ingredients from around the world and mix them in ideal proportions so that to have the products that meet the highest-level requirements

      We provide flexible and continuous manufacture to satisfy any demands

      We build a high-quality distribution to provide the availability of our products to customers

      We pay much attention to recruiting. Our staff is not only professionally skilled, but also shares our ideas and values.


2.   Innovations

We constantly improve ourselves:

      To create our unique recipes/formulas we collect/rest on/study all the world’s cuisines, then set apart the brightest tastes and find their best combinations.

      To surpass our opportunities and to stay strong in the pursuit of our goals we adopt the best manufacturing methods and managing practices


3.   Loyalty/customized approach

We aim to find a customized approach in everything:

      Thanks to a wide and constantly updated range of tastes/assortment we may allow a customized approach to every consumer/each consumer may find his own inimitable taste.

      We stick to the following principle of partnership – all shall benefit from partnership. For this reason during the work with our partners we deal with all matters conjointly, quickly and efficiently, taking into account the hallmarks and interests of all parties.


4. Healthy nutrition

We aim to encourage promoting a health way of life / We welcome the idea of a healthy way of life:

      We think that a healthy way of life does not necessarily result in refusal from all variety of tastes. Healthy nutrition may and shall be diverse, thereby supporting both physical and psychological human health. For this reason the formula of our products has been selected so that to conform to principles of healthy, balanced and tasty nutrition.




The group of companies “Sinko Group”, including Empire of Sauces, LLC and TH Sinko LLC has been operating in the Russian food market since 1995.


The group’s core business is the production and wholesale distribution of sauces, pickles and ketchups under Bamboo Stem and Vicenta trademark.


The Company’s production facilities are located in Egorievsk, Moscow Region. The headquarterrs are in Moscow. Also the Company’s full time representatives work in Russia’s major cities.


The company’s product line includes sauces, ketchups and pickles so that to fit every taste: from exotic true original oriental flavors to more traditional tastes and flavors familiar to Russian consumers. Although no doubt they may all add a feature of novelty and diversity to the usual dishes and facilitate the process of their cooking.


The sauces and ketchups are not pasteurized or sterilized, do not contain genetically modified sources. They are certified. Each package bears a barcode.



Due to our extensive network of distributors, our products are sold throughout Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Moreover, our products are as well presented and find ready markets in the CIS countries.


For our customers and products’ distributors we offer the following:

     ●  opportunity to earn money via any and all channels;

     ●  stable pricing policy;

     ●  posible delivery of products to any region of Russia;

     ●  flexcible terms of payment.


Owing to constant market research and discovery of new nees, we improve products’ consumer properties; we constantly make updates to our current range of products as to new flavors and packaging options. We also bring new products to market. The priority areas of development are as follows: further development of Vicenta trademark – range of products diversification and expanding into new markets. 


Wide product line, high quality, active promotion policy, flexble customer aproach – all of those features make our company a perfect candidate for long-term and prospering partnership!